The 5 Sales Recruitment Trends To Watch Out For This 2021

Without a doubt, 2020 has not been a good year for all of us due to the many setbacks brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. To be specific, our country and the world’s economy are put on hold which forced many people to lose their jobs as a result. And not only that for the health crisis has also changed our working habits and forced companies (and individual workers) to adapt to new working conditions to continue operating and sustain their businesses as much as they can.

Needless to say, the catastrophe that coronavirus brought really caused massive disruption to most nations, particularly in the United States, that things aren’t the way they were ever since.

And with that in mind, we’ll tackle the 5 sales recruitment trends to watch out for this 2021 so you’ll be properly guided on what you need to do when you want to start a career in sales this year.

1. Economic Recovery Is Expected And Hiring Will Resume At The Early Part Of 2021

As sales businesses are getting back on track again, more and more companies will also begin rehiring new employees. And this is expected since all sales campaigns and projects that were placed on hold will take precedence again. In short, those who are either furloughed or laid off last year will now become new hires. Sales recruiters and companies should prepare for this projected influx of applicants.

2. Flexibility Will Be A Priority

Next on entry on this list of sales recruitment trends in 2021 is something that is not usually practiced by most sales companies in the past: flexibility of schedules through remote work. This work arrangement was tried out last year and fortunately, it has proven to be effective. So expect businesses to offer flexibility and allow new employees to work from work provided that productivity at work is also guaranteed.

3. Recruitment And Hiring Once COVID-19 Vaccination Will Take Off

As sales businesses continue to recover, they will also develop internal safety protocols to provide relief and a sense of normalcy in the workplace. In the same way, candidates will be less reserve about working in the office and they will be more open to working without worries once the vaccination will commence.

 4. Digital Recruitment Strategies Will Also Be Implemented

Due to physical distancing and lockdown restrictions being implemented last year, companies resorted into video conferencing and Zoom meetings to acquire new hires and to keep in touch with the employees who are doing remote work.

So expect this practice to stay this 2021 to create a solid recruitment experience online for applicants who want to work as a salesperson.

5. An Increase In Remote Work Opportunities

And finally, on this list of sales recruitment trends, 2021 is the increase of remote jobs. It is projected that more and more companies will offer remote work opportunities to new hires since it allows the company to seek out roles beyond their local area and allow employees to work flexibly at the same time. Hence, this trend is likely to be adopted by more and more sales companies since remote jobs are mutually-beneficial.

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