Hi....I'm Nancy, also known as Nasone, Webmatron and Owner of Columbia County Net. Welcome to my corner of the world!

If you recognize the song that is playing, then you know where I live. If not - the song is Georgia and my home is in East Central Georgia in the United States. A state that has it all - mountains, sea, fishing, hunting, resorts and golf.

The coffee is hot and the tea is cold (southern you know) so kick your shoes off, get comfy and we'll chat a spell.

Here's The Family Slide Show!
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The symbol in the upper left-hand corner is a dream catcher. Legend has it that the dream catcher catches all dreams and sorts them out. It allows only the good dreams to come through to you. I tried to combine all of my - selves - into this one little symbol - no easy task. A part of me is Cherokee Indian, hence the dream catcher.

In the center is a bust of Virgo, my astrological sign. The feathers at the bottom of the dream catcher are joined with a Garnet Bead, native to North Georgia and North Carolina.

Just beneath the bust of Virgo is a black squiggly line which is the hieroglyphic symbol for N - the initial of my first name. At the very bottom, but just above the ring are two Arabic initials - representing my first name and my maiden name. I feel a closeness, both spiritually and emotionally to the middle east, especially Ancient Egypt.

Just above the Arabic symbols - if you look closely - you can vaguely see the form of a bridled, white horse representing my maiden name - Steed - which is of English origin. Starting on the left side of the ring and reading clockwise you see my internet nickname - Nasone.

I'm somewhat of a free spirit. I Love my family, and people in general. I am a spiritual being, appreciate imagination, creativity, medical science, knowledge and the internet.

If you are looking for something you cannot find in my site, please email or contact me through ICQ and I will try to help.

It is relaxing and lot's of fun meeting people from all over the world. I want you to feel at home here. What would we do without our friends.

There have been many request for a photo of my Wonderful Husband, Al. He now has his very own page [Al's Page] with his photo and some other photos you may find interesting. The animation at the top of Al's page was created by Ian Sonter, our Friend in Australia.

Below are links to free backgrounds, borders and graphics, etc. Use them as you wish. If you need help - I'll be happy to try and assist you. Please copy the image(s) to your hard drive. All I ask in return is a small link someplace on your site - back to this page.

I would like to hear your suggestions about improving my site. Your opinions are important to me. The images are for your enjoyment. Choose what you wish. The more you use the more I'll make. So let me know if you use them, or like them.....

If you have a design in mind - let me know and I'll do my best to create it for you. If you need buttons, banners, etc. I'll be happy to make them for you free of charge as time allows.

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