How Do You Prepare For A Divorce?

It can be hard getting ready for a divorce once you have made the difficult decision to actually get divorced. The better prepared you are,the less stressful the experience can be,especially if the divorce is not going to be amicable,or children are involved.
You will need the expertise of a good [dcl=6681]. Take advantage of the initial free consultation offered by most attorneys and meet with several; you can also ask for a recommendation from friends or family. Don’t commit to anything or sign any documents until you have a lawyer to advise you,even if your spouse seems to be amicable and open about the situation.

Getting your finances in order is important too. You may want to close any joint credit accounts you and your spouse have,and if practical,take steps to improve your own credit score. And you’ll need to get together as much financial information as you can,such as real estate,pensions or any inheritance,as well as any debts you have. Determining what you are going to live on and how much income you’ll need after the divorce is also something to be addressed. If you currently live together,there is no good reason to move out of the house at this point.

If child custody is potentially going to be an issue,and if your kids are old enough it’s important to keep them informed,be as honest as possible and avoid arguing in front of them. And although you may want custody,all children are different; some may be happier and more stable with one partner over the other while some children easily accept the concept of spending time in two different homes with two different parents. Talk to your children and your[dcl=6681] about what is best for them.

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