Facial Plastic Surgery – The Answer To Many Cosmetic Woes

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon is often done to modify structures in the face and/or neck especially the chin, nose, cheekbones, forehead, and jawline. Those looking for this surgery can be motivated either by a desire to modify the facial appearance from childhood or to repair a deformity present at birth. For some people this procedure can also help them to eliminate or reduce their signs of aging. The plastic surgeon will discuss the patient’s medical history with him before the actual facelift procedure takes place. This includes details on the severity of the patient’s medical conditions, medications taken, and any family history that might have an impact on the operation as well as the possible benefits and risks involved in facial plastic surgery.

Before any procedures are carried out by a board certified plastic surgeon, he will conduct a thorough evaluation of the physical condition of the patient. This includes looking at the areas of the face which he plans to treat and evaluate any deformities there. When treating patients who have birth defects, corrective measures will be different than those which are applied for patients who do not suffer from such problems. A thorough examination is therefore very important before procedures are carried out.

A consultation session is generally arranged with the patient where the surgeon will review the case and discuss various procedures with him. It is during this stage where the surgeon will explain the various procedures and their benefits and drawbacks. He will also outline various aspects of the operation, their duration and what the patient needs to expect afterwards. All this will be outlined in detail before any surgery takes place.

After carefully reviewing all aspects of the case, the board certified plastic surgeon will make his recommendation to the plastic surgeon regarding the treatment. This advice will be based on his assessment of the patient’s case as well as the procedure that has been proposed. In some cases, the surgeon may decide to perform additional surgeries at a later date in order to completely correct the deformities. The cost of facial plastic surgery will depend on a number of factors which include the exact procedure undertaken and whether it is simple or a complex one.

Cosmetic Surgery in Atlanta GA can also be performed on the face as a means of removing signs of aging. The most common procedure involves the use of injectable fillers, which are injected under the skin to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. The results of this procedure can be very impressive. The most popular of these injectable fillers are collagen and hyaluronic acid. Other fillers which have been quite successful in removing signs of aging include Restylane and silicon gels. These surgical cosmetic procedures are quite successful and have no major side effects associated with them.

Another type of facial plastic surgery, which is often performed is that of eyebrow tucks. These cosmetic surgical procedures involve the repositioning of the upper eyelid in an effort to make the eyes look smaller. This can either be done through the use of eyelid tuck surgery or else by the use of other surgical cosmetic procedures. Some surgeons believe that by tightening the muscles in the eyes can look smaller. There is a huge demand for skilled surgeons who are able to provide these types of services and many patients turn to various plastic surgeons for help.

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