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April 12, 2021

Practical Measures And Ways To Prevent Burglary And Theft At Your Business

It is estimated that 4 burglaries or break-ins happen in the United States every minute. And this statistic represents both residential properties and business establishments, which also reflects the grim reality that opportunists will not hesitate to seek vulnerable targets anytime, anywhere.

Now the question is: “How are you prepared to protect your business against potential threats?”

If you’re looking for answers, then we suggest you continue reading as we are going to discuss some of the practical measures and ways to prevent burglary and theft at your business in today’s post.

Burglar-Proofing Your Business Will Be More Effective If You Follow These Tips:

Use A Sturdy Lock

Experts say that using a very sturdy lock will instantly discourage even the most experienced burglars since it is difficult to pick. Such locks like the dead-bolt type or the pin-cylinder lock will be very hard to break.

And what’s even more frustrating to thieves is a double-cylinder deadlock that requires a key to open either side, which makes it all the more infuriating for hidden criminals to attempt breaking in as they’ll know there’s a greater risk of being trapped inside your building and get caught.

In addition to using bold locks, installing bars on the windows, rear door, skylights, and other favorite entry points for thieves can also fortify your business from the possibility of unauthorized entry.

Count The Keys

Security experts also advise that the distribution of keys should be kept on record at all times, and all employees should be required to hand over their keys the moment they leave your business.

Using a master key may be convenient, but it also increases the possibility of burglary. So it’s better to code the different keys in your business so only your employees know which doors they unlock.

Integrate A Business Security System

Installing a centralized business security system is mostly recommended nowadays since it allows you to monitor your business any time of the day, even when you’re away, by using your mobile phone. And it also comes with an alarm system that notifies you and the law enforcement authorities instantly in the event of break-ins.

Put Lights On Areas Where Burglars Can Possibly Enter

Providing adequate lighting to potential entry points is also effective because the more visible the burglar is, the more they are forced to work quickly to prevent them from being spotted by patrolling police. And in order to avoid robbers from breaking the light, it is recommended to install metallic vapor and mercury lamps.

Use Special Glass And Gratings

Putting heavy metal screens on the window and doorways will be an economical way of protecting display cases in your business. Likewise, installing burglar-resistant glass as a barrier will definitely make petty criminals from harming your important investment.

Be Keen With The Details ALWAYS

And last but not least, always have the common sense to check on the locks if they are secured before closing at night and always remind your employees to be mindful of their keys at all times.

If you need professional help in securing your business establishment, you can contact Rapid Alarms today.