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November 15, 2018

College Basketball Powerhouses: The Kansas Jayhawks

College basketball provides fans with countless hours of entertainment every year,and has left an indelible mark on the minds of fans everywhere with some of the moments and teams that it provides. Ask fans anywhere what some of the powerhouse teams are year in and year out and you will see a pattern of the same schools being said. One of those schools is unquestionably the University of Kansas Jayhawks.[dcl=6313]

Finding a Way Year After Year

The success of the Jayhawks over the years has been remarkable. Some of the biggest names in the sport have passed through the university on their way to greatness. Names like Danny Manning,Paul Pierce,and of course Wilt Chamberlain,have called Kansas their home. Their memorabilia has been hot selling items for years,long after they have left the program. However,it isn’t just the players that have made Kansas into the program they have become,but the team’s success as well.

The University of Kansas has been to 15 final fours,good enough for 5th all time,only behind other basketball mainstays like North Carolina,Duke,UCLA,and Kentucky. They have won the title 3 times,in 1952,1988,and 2008. Kansas has made the tournament every year since 1990,proving that they are among the best in the sport for 29 straight years! Part of this is because of their dominance in the Big 12 conference,where they have won an astonishing 18 regular season titles.[dcl=6313] here.

Coaching Matters

How does a team sustain this kind of success for this long? When it comes to college athletics,it is because of the coaching,and the University of Kansas has had some outstanding ones over the years. Start with Dr. James Naismith,credited as the inventor of basketball. Then you can add in Phog Allen,known as the father of basketball coaching,Larry Brown,basketball hall of famer. In the modern era there have been two coaches,Roy Williams,and Bill Self. All of these men have left their marks on the university,and have continued the winning tradition that is Jayhawk basketball. It is no wonder why Jayhawk memorabilia is such a hot selling item for collectors around the country.[dcl=6313] to see what we mean.